Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Vista Loader 2.2.0 OEM BIOS Crack Emulator

This is New version of Vista Loader 2.2.0 from Chinese hackers. With this you can force a bios emulation and let Vista think it's installed on a OEM machine
nstructions how to install VistaLoader for clean installation of vista.

1. install windows vista with the serial below.
2. after that, log into vista and extract vistaloader.rar into a folder. eg c:\vistaloader
3. run comand prompt with administrator access.
4. browse into c:\vistaloader eg. cd\vistaloader
5. type install.cmd [oem]
6. reboot your machine...and you are activated...

*replace [oem] with asus, hp, acer ,lenovo, sony or dell. eg. if you are using dell, just type install.cmd dell in the command prompt with administrator acess.

ultimate: 6f2d7-2pcg6-yqqtb-fwk9v-932cc
business: 72pfd-bcbk8-r7x4h-6f2xj-vvmp9
home premium: bh626-xt3fk-mjkjh-6gqt2-qxqmf
home premium: 8xpm9-7f9hd-4jjqp-tp64y-rpffv
home basic: 2wp98-khth2-kc7kg-4yr37-h8phc
home basic: 762hw-qd98x-tqvxj-8rkrq-rjc9v

home premium: 2tybw-xkcqm-xy9x3-jdxyp-6cj97hp
ultimate: 6f2d7-2pcg6-yqqtb-fwk9v-932cc
home premium: 2r6wf-kyf88-27hyq-xtkw2-wqd8q
home premium: gp3fq-jb647-7cw8f-h646b-7pmgf

home premium: 34bkk-qk76y-wwr7c-qf2m7-2tb37

home premium : 4gptt-6ryc4-f4gjk-kg77h-b9hd2
business : 368y7-49ymq-vrcty-3v3rh-wrmg7
ultimate : 2qbp3-289mf-9364x-37xgx-24w6p

Vista Loader 2.2.0 (link 1)
Vista Loader 2.2.0 (link 2)
Vista Loader 2.2.0 (link 3)

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